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We have changed our hours and program due to increase of business and the lack of staff. We appreciate our supporters for an amazing summer thus far and hope for continued support. We have expanded too fast in the Ghost Kitchen and must service the commitments that we have made to private events. We have a very small staff and did what we could to keep up with demand but were unable to continue the current services. We take our employees mental health seriously and must find a balance for us all keep succeeding. We have big plans to get back cooking for you on a normal basis. <FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK TO KEEP UP  TO DATE.>

Follow: @divvy_ghostcb to keep up to date with take-out specials and platters

Follow: @thedivvymercs to keep up with Chef Dinners, Private Catering and Events

Large Family/Group Meals Available (8 or more people)

Group/Family drop off/pick up catering available with sufficient notice(minimum 5 days in advance). These three course meals will be priced per head. Please call Dave at 512-970-3116 to discuss menus and pricing

Accommodation for Dietary
Restrictions So you can’t eat gluten or cheese? (Or shellfish
or night shades or stone fruit?) Don’t worry – we’ve seen it all. Please let us
know what your dietary restrictions are in the “notes” section of your order,
and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.
Keep in mind that all food is prepared in a kitchen that processes eggs, nuts,
dairy, gluten, and other allergens.